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Striking 3/5/7 ply boxes ranging from the basic to the extraordinary

As the leading worldwide provider of corrugated packaging through partners, we understand that supplying top-quality end products is essential to consistently meeting customer requirements. Therefore, we consistently invest in the quality processes to maintain the output quality of all the types of boxes we produce. We can produce any of the below boxes:

Slotted boxes

Slotted boxes are usually constructed from a single piece of corrugated material. The blank is creased and cut to enable it to be folded.

Slotted Box.png
Regular slotted container

This box style is widely used and offers excellent efficiency for various purposes. Its design features flaps that are all of equal length, with the two outer flaps (typically the lengthwise ones) being half the width of the container. When closed, these flaps meet at the center of the box.

Half slotted container

A type of container that is similar to the regular slotted container, but has one set of flaps missing

Overlap slotted container

This box design features flaps of equal length, with the outer flaps overlapping by one inch or more to facilitate easy closure using adhesives or staples driven through the overlapping area. It is a popular choice when the box's length significantly exceeds its width, creating a large gap between the inner flaps. The overlapping seal helps to prevent the outer flaps from separating and coming apart

Full overlap slotted container

This box design features flaps that are uniform in length, typically equivalent to the box's width. When closed, the outer flaps are positioned to overlap within a one-inch range. This style of box is known for its resilience against harsh handling. When stacked on its bottom panel, the overlapping flaps offer additional cushioning and protection. Alternatively, when stacked on its side, the increased thickness contributes to greater stacking strength

Center special slotted container

This box design includes inner and outer flaps of varying lengths that meet in the center of the box. As a result, both the top and bottom of the box feature twice the thickness of corrugated board, rendering it highly durable. The absence of a gap between the inner flaps creates a level base for the product.

1-2-3-Bottom or Auto-Lock Bottom Container (ALB)

This box design features four die-cut flaps that form the bottom panel. Setting up the box is simple, as the user folds the largest bottom panel first, followed by the two end panels. Once the remaining bottom panel is folded, applying pressure near the center causes the flap to audibly "snap" into place, fitting into the slot created by the other panels. This style of box is ideal for small-volume shippers who lack automatic setup equipment. However, as the bottom is not entirely sealed, it may not be suitable for heavy products or concentrated loads


Telescope boxes comprise either a detached lid, or a detachable top and bottom that interlock, or a separate body.

Auto-lock bottom.jpg

For folders, a single or multiple composite board pieces create a continuous base surface and are creased to wrap around a product.


Our trays can serve multiple purposes in your packaging strategy, whether it's preserving the quality and safety of baked goods or leveraging the robustness of glass bottles when stacked. They offer a great deal of flexibility and can be a valuable asset to your packaging mix.

folder box.jpg

Looking for more box designs. Download from here


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