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Our businesses

We are a leading containerboard producer with an integrated, well-invested, cost-advantaged asset base. Capability to produce 175 tonnes paper and 200,000 boxes per day

World class facility with Fosber and Isowa corrugating line with 5+ fully automatic 2/3 color printing and converting setups which includes RPS, FFG, Auto Platen, etc.

corrugated packagign.png

Integrated facility to manufacture 800 pallets per day using different types of woods including Pinewood, Junglewood, Silverwood and Plywood

Our facilities can manufacture wooden boxes customized to the clients' requirements and can be manufactured for any size

wooden pallet.png

Shipped over 3 million parts for the clients through 15,000 palletized units

Packaging using wood, paper, plastics and metal

With over 2 decades of manufacturing experience of the partner, have established itself as the market leader in the honeycomb packaging in India

Leverages the state-of-the-art facility in Vapi, India, we are a one-stop-shop for high quality honeycomb packaging products for textile, automotive and furniture industries

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