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Founded in 2021 by 3 professionals who are passionate about everything in supply chain, finance & strategy having 45+ years of combined industry experience


We utilize manufacturing through partnerships to bring new efficiencies to packaging and supply-chain projects


  • Value-chain control and integration with industrial-grade supply chains

  • Demand aggregation and higher capacity utilization of manufacturing partners

  • Partnerships with over 8 manufacturing capabilities across India

Utilizing the Existing Ecosystem

Logipack Way.png

The Logipack Way

Logipack Way - The Gold Standards

We maintain the highest standard of professional in every aspects of a business including customer service, productions, quality, delivery and our gems in the crown - our employees 

We thrive to achieve the Gold Standards through

...innovation and collaboration to add value for each of our customers 

Brands and consumers are seeking products that have minimal impact on the environment while providing maximum functionality. Through our customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we work with our clients to identify and create the most sustainable packaging solutions from our comprehensive range of materials. We prioritize using paper whenever possible, but also recognize the usefulness of plastic. We collaborate with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to eliminate unsustainable packaging and lead the transition to more sustainable alternatives.

...deliver value to the customers

We are proud to say that we deliver valuable and positive business impact through scientific approach blended with proficiency of packaging supply chains, guiding to data based real world insights which enables to discover creative boundaries of packaging engineering and design by applying our wealth of knowledge and experience

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