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We generate value for our stakeholders through a combination of an integrated value chain, robust partnerships, conscientious management of resources, and leveraging our competitive advantages.

Pan-India Presence with Strategic Partnerships

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Competitive advantages of our business model

Large geographic presence

We are able to serve customers in different parts of the country with local presence. Also, different units of same clients can be served with local partners in different locations

Vertical integration

The Company's vertically integrated network enhances supply security, optimizes production and logistics, and mitigates exposure to price fluctuations for corrugated boxes and  wooden pallets

Entrepreneurial energy

Our entrepreneurial culture fosters a positive work environment that empowers and includes all team members, enabling them to contribute towards creating a better world.

Unique packaging producer

As a player having tie-ups with leading producers in different region, we are uniquely positioned to meet the customers' demands with our model

Emphasis on the need for ongoing improvement

We are consistently striving to enhance performance throughout our value chain, with a focus on achieving excellence and continual improvement across all our processes.

Sustainable model

Sustainability is at the heart of all our activities, positioning us as a desirable partner and employer

Our key clients are in various industries including:

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