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Multi-crease Box Can Solve Your Inventory and SKU Problems

Multi-depth boxes are a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution for businesses of all sizes. They are made with pre-creased sides that can be cut to the desired height, creating a custom-sized box in seconds.

Here are some of the benefits of using multi-depth boxes:

  • Reduced storage space: Multi-depth boxes ship flat and can be stored together, regardless of size. This saves space in warehouses and offices.

  • Lower packaging costs: Multi-depth boxes eliminate the need for void fill, such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap. They also allow businesses to ship more products in each truck, which reduces shipping costs.

  • Improved customer service: By using custom-sized boxes, businesses can ensure that their products are well-protected and arrive in perfect condition. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Reduced environmental impact: Multi-depth boxes are made of recyclable materials, so they help to reduce waste.

Logipack Technology offers a large selection of high-quality, heavy-duty multi-depth boxes to suit any size range. We also offer custom boxes for products with non-standard dimensions.

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