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100% Increase in Market Share

Of a manufacturer of components for solar energy generation

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Sector: Engineering / Stamping

Project: Export to 5 continents across various countries as per project requirements

Challenges: 8 months after the export program began, manufacturer had rust related issue at solar construction sites with huge claim liability, segregation, rework and warranty cost. Owing to the non-conformance to the required quality level, allocation of the business was reduced sharply.

Solution: With a customer centric approach, we listened to them and developed a comprehensive packaging strategy to overcome the supply chain hurdles. We developed packaging keeping in focus not only the quality concern but also add efficiency to the overall bottom line through supply chain improvement. Design, simulation and prototyping were done supported by lab test and external validation in real world conditions to prove not only the concept but its efficacy.

Since the solution was implemented in production over more than 18 months, 100K components in 425+ container have been shipped with zero quality complaints. The manufacture amongst its 8 competitors globally not just double its market share but was also awarded more products to manufacture and grow their business

Key Highlights:

Case Study 4.png
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